Yasmine Gazelle



Yasmine is an award winning film director and producer. Her short film, “A Promise Kept” was screened at Cannes in 2011 and took home the prize for best short at the Costa Rica film festival. With a M.S. in Broadcast & Digital Journalism and a B.A. in Radio, Television and Film, Yasmine has worked for some of the top entertainment companies such as Lionsgate, Sobini, Unified, KABC- TV, and Discovery. With a passion for storytelling and a delicate nature of love for humanity, Yasmine is driven and drawn to stories of substance and truth that teach, inspire, and promote global diversity.

Farah Andersen



In addition to handling the business aspects of film, Farah is involved in all phases of the filmmaking process. She helped pen the award winning Promise Kept, which was based on a real-life experience, and is the fire and catalyst of such high concept ideas as Mourning Hall. With a wealth of life experience, creativity, and humanistic insight, Farah Andersen strives to create stories that are entrenched in the human soul.

Jonas Lalehza



Early in his career, this basketball star invented the Two-Turn Container, which placed him on the pathway to becoming an entrepreneur. After working on the award winning film Promise Kept, he was able to bring together his expertise in sales and his new found passion, film. His responsibilities include project analysis, film financing, sales and distribution.